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Parts Cleaning and Millipore Testing

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MSW provides industrial aqueous ultrasonic parts cleaning services and Millipore cleanliness testing across industries including automotive, marine, motorcycle, power generation and heavy equipment. This process uses an ultrasonic solution on solid, non-absorbent objects to effectively remove unwanted contaminants such as dust, fibers, oils, metal chips/fines and soot from complex shapes like cavities, blind holes, tubes, cracks, and crevices. Ultrasonic cleaning is useful for cleaning various workpiece shapes, sizes and materials including small electronic parts, fuel system components, cables, fasteners, hoses, rods, wires and materials made of metal, glass, plastic, aluminum or ceramic.


  • Pre-Clean Removal of Various Surface Contaminants via Ultrasound or Hot Cleaning Solutions
  • Materials: Metal, Glass, Plastic, Aluminum, Cast Iron or Ceramic
  • Cleaning Removal of: Dust, Fibers, Oils, Metal Chips / Fines and Soot
  • Robotic 6-Station Ultrasonic Cleaning System with Spray-Over Immersion Rinse and Recirculating Hot Air Dryer
  • Rust Inhibitor Metering System for Post Cleaning
  • Parallel Beam Vertical Oscillation
  • Complete Line of Specially-Formulated Cleaning Chemistries
  • Part Dimension Limits: 14”W X 20”L X 12H”
  • Part Weight Limits: 40 pounds
  • Preservation – Passivizing Agents Ensure that the Metal Surfaces Do Not Rust Upon Exposure to Air
  • Materials – Ferrous Alloys, Aluminum, Wrought, Cast and Specialized Alloys
  • Customized Basket/Rack/Tray

To learn more about ultrasonic parts cleaning and millipore testing, contact the team at MSW today. We would be happy to give you a quote and help you find the solutions you need to keep your business running smoothly.

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